Girls, What kinds of ummmm... Qualities u want in the Guy u want to marry?

I'm engaged and i just wanna know what kinds of qualities she desires in me!!!


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  • Every girl is different. She is your fiancé and in order for her to have had accepted your proposal she obviously already thinks of you as the man that she desires. Remain like you are... the person she fell in love with. If you change make it for the better. Good luck and congratulations:)


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  • Hmmmm... well considering your a Leo also... Your loyalty, your loving nature, your confidence, how you make her feel special, affectionate now if we could only lose our stubbornness haha that'll never happen.. I would want a guy who is loyal, can provide for a future and current family with my help of course, listens to me, treat me like a queen as I would with him a king... include me in decision making, trust, love honor me as his wife.. work through our problems and not just give up.. And above all spend the rest of our lives together..

  • Obviously there's loads of qualities I would want in a potential husband. But especially I want a man who will buy me some god damn flowers once in a while. Show your woman you appreciate her as much as you possibly can. That's not too hard is it?

  • Ask her, since she's the one you are marrying. What one person wants differs from what another person wants.


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