Could I know he is the one after 3 dates?

Okay for those who are married or engaged. Did you just know it was them? Like was it just so perfect. Everything just fit together? I have only been on three dates but i literally say it's perfect we laugh non stop. He is the sweetest man I have ever met. He treats me like I am a princess, no one has ever treated me like that. Even when I am being a dork he thinks its cute. I can't wait to wake up to get his morning text. Is it possible or am i just wrapped up in the moment?


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  • i think a person who had sex with someone would know in three days haha yes lol that was a joke gotcha but yes lifes to short when you know you just know people may not agree or will have there own different opinion but follow your heart lifes to short make the most of everyday with someone you care about it beats being sad and im glad he treats you right sounds like you guys have a lot going for you and your guys relationship give it some months because it will all fall into place overtime and the much you guys spend together or make time for each other it will be worth it in the end hun everything is gonna work out try to see things in his perspective before getting mad because this may not be a guy worth losing in your life he could be the one for you and that changes everything for you


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  • you might just be caught up in the moment. its not impossible but not probable. give it more time:) but im glad you're totally in a good place in your mind:D


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