Boyfriend asked me to go to a friends wedding with him, good sign?

My boyfriend of a few months and I clicked fast. It feels like we have a true connection. He asked me to go to a friend's wedding with him.

Is that a good sign? And does it mean we could get married one day?


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  • It's a good sign. It's a sign that he takes your relationship seriously, and that he's happy to show you off to the people in his life.

    It's probably also a sign that he thinks he would be able to marry you somewhere down the line


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  • yes its a good sign, inviting a girlfriend into a friends wedding is so sweet, he wants you to be inspired of him, i tried this once, and during the wedding, i was so happy imagining that we were the once who are getting married :-)


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  • I would think that it is a good sign. Although, I'm not really sure who else he would have brought instead of you, wouldn't you always ask your girlfriend or boyfriend to be your +1?
    No one can answer about you two potentially getting married except for him. Are you just looking to get married because you want to get married? Or are you asking because you really want to marry him? You've only been dating for a few months, so I would give it time, there are many milestones in a relationship that happen before getting married (like living together).