Get my mind off weddings?

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years, we have talked about our future and know we want to wait on getting married till he finishes nursing school and everything, which I am fine with. But his younger brother recently got engaged to his girlfriend who have been together for not even a year and now I'm a little jealous. Not the jealous type where I resent them but the kind where I'm just a little saddened because I wish it were me. Her and I are friends and I'm one of her bridesmaids, so I'm super happy for them but can't stop thinking about me wanting to get married. I'm going crazy please any suggestions on how I can stop thinking about it because it just makes me want it more. Thank you in advance.


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  • His brother is rushing it and it probably won't last. Your bf is on to it and doing things right. Just relax your time will come. Most people I know that rushed into getting married having kids etc have now split with their partners. Good things really do take time.

    • I had the same thought about it not lasting, I just couldn't say it out loud!! Thanks so much!

    • No worries! Enjoy your wedding when the time comes.


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  • You shouldn't go if you are unhappy

  • Don't worry you've been with your boyfriend for 4 years. That's alot. He's definitely not going anywhere hun. Good luck you and your "hubby" :-)

    I have a feeling you'll be next dear.