So my husband left for basic training?

Was wondering what other SO of military personnel did while their other half was away. Its only been a few days and I miss him like crazy.


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  • I'm not saying this about you, but I've noticed a lot of military men's girlfriends/wives end up cheating on them while they're gone. I think it's some real bullshit these women get with these men knowing they will be deployed or have to go through training, then don't have the patience to wait on them. These men are fighting for our freedom, and they deserve to come home to a loyal, loving woman. So treat your man right, wait on him even if it isn't convenient for you. Watch some movies, maybe try playing video games or listen to some music.

    • He signed up after he got me pregnant with twins and didn't tell me until after he signed paper, we've been married almost three years..

    • I see. Well maybe he felt it was the best way to provide for you and your twins. I hope everything works out for you both. Good luck.


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  • Write him letters when he is there. It will probably help him more than it will help you. And when he gets to his first duty station, become friends with his friends GFs. Basic is only 2 months, try at least 6 months away when he is deployed. This way you are with people who know what you're going through. As for the cheating, I know it happens, but honestly out of all my friends in the military, not one of them has been cheated on. I'm actually quite surprised.

  • Like 75% of them get a bf/cheat. It's sad but par for the course in the military. Too many early marriages and long times apart.

  • 6 years navy vet here.

    Hook up with other wives, workout a lot, and don't hangout with other men and especially don't talk about them.

    While he's in basic, write a letter a day. Recruits love love letters!!!

    • I've already written a few lol.

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