I discovered my wife had affair with a collegue about a year ago. she said it was the only time she cheated. Should I trust her?

can I trust her? she denied it. I found out due to her text messages. what must I do?


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  • Go get counselling. Infidelity always damages a marriage. If your house got hit with a tornado but seemed all right, you would still want someone to check it out and make sure it was safe. Your marriage got hit with a tornado. There are reasons people cheat, or think they can get away with it. You both need to find out what those reasons are and talk about them.

    The question of whether you can trust her pretty much answers itself. It sounds to me that what you are saying is "I would like to trust her, but I don't." Nothing wrong with that. You have reason for distrust. Trust comes when you are confident that you and your wife are on the same page of your relationship.


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  • She had text messages saved from over a year ago? If so sure, but if not she's doing new stuff... How you proceed is your choice, but I'd do what the dude below has said.


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  • "My wife had an affair with a collegue about a year ago."
    "Can I trust her?"

    Sorry. I just found that a bit weird.
    And no, you can't trust her at all. Send her some beautiful divorce papers.

  • She can't be trusted to be faithful... i would divorce her.