Why is my wife so jealous?

Why is my wife so jealous? Besides the nagging, she is starting to get quite controlling. We have only been married a year and I used be "ladies men" before which she keeps bringing up but she knew about that even when we met. Not to mention I did not do anything to spark any jealousy.

Can it be that she will never get over it? What is the best way to convince her I'm changed and she is my wife now and doesn't need to be jealous?


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  • Sometimes people, despite what they may think or claim, think marriage is the end all solution to all the issues. Like the issues before marriage somehow magically go away after.

    In reality, people don't change. The only thing that changes is they wear a band on their left hand.

    I don't think you've changed. I think you made the conscious decision to stay faithful to your wife - a good thing, but you're not any less attractive or fun to be around now that you're married, are you?

    Your wife knew other women were attracted to you before she wed you. You didn't suddenly get hideous.

    She'll always be jealous. That's just her knowing she's got a good thing and doesn't want to lose it. She just needs to learn to keep those issues to herself. Now, communication is good, but to continually stress the same issue (that's not really an issue) is bad for a marriage. Marriage is hard when there aren't any distractions, let alone when there are.

    You've told her she has nothing to worry about - now show her that. And she'll start keeping it to herself. Unless of course a time arrives when her concerns become valid. I don't see you having that happen though.


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  • The best way to convince her you changed is to remind her that you love her and show it in your actions. Always give her your attention and when you guys are in public never look at other girls. Show no interest is they hit on you, which if you are ladies man I guess they might do?


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  • She might be thinking she may lose you. Your marriage is new... keep reminding her that you love her and you are married to her nobody else. In joking around with women is something you just do. Maybe just be careful how YOU JOKE AROUND... would YOU GET MAD if she was the flirting with someone a really nice looking guy, maybe you will see where she is coming from. JUST KEEP REMINDING HER YOU LOVE HER

  • Some people are just jealous by nature and there's nothing you can do about that

  • Well, your wife is definetly crazy. A women's intuition is never wrong.
    However, since you do confess to have been a ladies man then you may need to prove her you have changed. Now, naturally people she would have taken into consideration your past before saying "i do" but apparently something has triggered that insecurity in her.
    I think you need to keep proving to her that you're committed to her and her only. This takes time and much effort.

    • i meant to say your wife is definetly NOT crazy

  • Try harder. She doesn't want you to be ladies man anymore


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  • She knew what type of man you were and what she was getting into. That's her problem.