If a guy said he doesn't want to get married. Do you think it possible for him to change his mind?

I love my boyfriend but he is 5 years younger. Does this effect guys thoughts on getting married


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  • After seeing so many older men get burned by marriage, a lot of young men nowadays are avoiding it like the plague. I personally believe that people should get married, and practice celibacy until then. But thanks to women making marriage too risky for men, now a great deal of men just want to pump and dump as many bitches as they can. It's rather sad. I blame feminism. Would you want to marry a guy if there was over a 50% he would leave you and you'd have to pay him alimony for the next 20 years? I didn't think so.


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  • it depends if he truly means it or not. if he really is serious about never getting married then he will never get married and its not smart to go into a relationship knowing that but hoping to change a person's mind.

  • yes.
    When he's 30 , 35 or something.
    If he's EVER gonna get married , he'd probably be in a happy family of 4 , 1 son , 1 daughter and a lovely wife.

    He's gonna be on his Harley , riding till the end of days.

  • It's always possible, but you shouldn't go into the relationship trying to make that happen.

  • It depends on why he doesn't want to get married.

    Its extremely unlikely that all the factors which stop ME from wanting to get married will be fixed. So its extremely unlikely i will change my mind.


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