How do I find a girl who I wanna merry?

I'm 18 thinking of getting married at 20 or 21 but I wanna start looking now to get comfterable with her and to see who will be my wife. R there girls that r gunna wanna to get married that early? I mean I'll still let her do what ever she wants like study and all that. I know for u guys it's a little young for me but this is something that has been past on in my family. We get married early.. So how do I find the girl who's willing to get married?


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  • Just a piece of my thought: That depends on why you want to get married. You mentioned above that it was past on in your family but that doesn't mean you should just get married early or be pressured into it. IT IS ULTIMATELY YOU ARE THE ONE MARRYING, NOBODY SHOULD MAKE SUCH IMPORTANT DECISION FOR YOU!!! IT IS YOUR HAPPINESS AT RISK HERE!! My dear, trust me it is not that difficult to find someone you are attracted to and say yes to your proposal. But to maintain a healthy marriage isn't easy (esp in days like this where the term marriage is undervalued) even you might not but how sure is the other party holds on to the same value as you? Don't target to get marry so early even if that is what you wish for. Aim to find the lady of your dream that you will love, and love you back and willing to walk through thick and thin with you. Get to know her longer, better before you make this commitment. it ain't just a piece of paper and ceremonies and parties.

    Well to answer the question above, mail order bride is an easy option, no guarantee it might work out. Or just know more ladies at the right place keep looking. Wish you good luck on this. cheers :)

    • Not just because it's like a family. It's more because I need someone to help with this life someone to love and love me back and care about me and I take care of her and be her protection and the go to person. I wanna help her fight this life and I want her to help me fight this life pretty much I need someone to fight this live together. Cuz it's much more stronger when u have someone. There for u at all times. Plus kids will get us more bonded.

  • To me this isn't early. Its perfect. Im 19 and I wouldn't mind marrying at 21. But i definitely wanna marry by or before 25. You should find a down to earth girl who talks about her future a lot. Those are usually the type who plan to marry earlier and stuff. Good Luck :)

  • There are. Look for brown girls.

  • I don't know. I wish I knew the answer. I also want to find my other half and marry him


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  • Life rarely complies with your timetable.

    Due to poor life choices I am 35 and single. That doesn't mean there isn't a woman out there for me. But you must wait... And be matured. Are you willing to wait? It takes a real man to realize how not ready he truly is, and to take the steps to become a man and take up his burden.

    • I have 2 jobs and I'm a full time student and I pay for everything and I mean everything ! Bills house insurance car it's all me.. To become a Man U need a wife that way u can be responsible.

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    • That's why I'm looking now. To find the one

    • I wish you the very best. Do yourself a favor and learn to get in touch with your gut instinct. It will tell you everything you need to know about her without ever asking a word. It will tell you if she is the right one, or not. Don't ever let your heart over ride your gut my friend.