Anyone else have a previously married partner wedding woe?

My boyfriend and I talk about getting married so it's definitely in our future. The issue I am kind of having is he has been married before, but I haven't. Anyone else had this type of thing? I'm just worried that he's already been there done that and won't really care (not that guys typically care about the wedding part anyway lol). Does the family react differently because he's already had a wedding so they couldn't care less about coming and celebrating our wedding with us? Do I still get my "wedding of my dreams"? :)


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  • My husband was married before me! It was never so much a big deal to me that he had been married, it was just the fact she had screwed him over. In my case his family was happy, they all love me just as if I was born into their family. Granted though none of his family liked his first wife, they hated her because they could see her for what she was. My husband still got all nervous the week before and did the whole throwing up (he throws up when gets nervous Lol). I was scared that our wedding wouldn't be as big of deal for him because he had already done it once, but that wasn't the case. He was just as excited if not more so than he was about the first one. No worries honey everything will be fine!


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  • Nothing to worry about my GF and I are going to get married in about a year and she has been engaged before but it ended badly, it not that big of a deal as you think. He will never love you the same as he loved her but he will love you in a different way that better and surpasses her. That how it is with us, its a different, better kind of love.


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