Foreigner boyfriend wants to live with me and move to my country and start a life together, I dont think I am ready! Help?

I have my own business and met my boyfriend when I traveled in Europe. We have been taking turns visiting each other in our own countries and now my boyfriend is getting tired of this and wants to move to my country to start a life with me.

He is demanding sometimes and he wants to do things his way when he wants and when he likes, he gets too excited to the idea. and kept on asking me to inquire about the house listing and car listing he saw online. He is willing to move and live with me just to be with me. he understands that I cannot live with him in his country because I am running my business here. That is very thoughtful of him but I don't think I am ready. He said he doesn't want to be apart from me anymore and have a Long distance relationship.

What is wrong with me? most of the women my age would jump on the chance to marry a man who is handsome, funny , nice and very decided and serious to settle down and leave his world for me, but still I know deep inside I am not ready.

I dont want to break up, I want him in my life but I want us to take it slow. He is rushing and does not want to wait anymore and just want me to decide right away. For two years we were friends before we became a couple 8 months ago.

I am not ready to leave my comfortable house, change my lifestyle to accommodate another person in my life. I dont want to lose him but he is very pushy and wants to join me in my business so we can have a business together and start a family here. I am not getting any younger, my family and friends are all voting for him and told me this is it for me! but I am so not ready to become a wife and handle huge responsibilities. He constantly asks me where is our relationship heading, and that it had been 8 months going back and forth, , he is tired and he wants us to settle down. Its just a little bit too much for me. I also think whats stopping me was his negative attitude of complaining about the littlest things. What should I do?


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  • You aren't being unreasonable at all. If he moved with you he is completely dependent on you. It would be different if he could move to your country, get his own place an his own job. That would put less pressure on you. Is there anyway you could suggest that?


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  • If you aren't into it then you aren't into it. Plain and simple. Tell him you don't feel ready for it yet and if he can't understand that then i
    That's his problem, not yours


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  • Seems more to me like he wants to mooch off you. If you get strong gut feelings that you shouldn't do it then I wouldn't.