Is he sleeping with his ex wife?

My husband has an ex wife who he sees every morning because he has to pick up their son from her house to take him to school. With a past relationship that they had it makes me wonder if they are sleeping together. Is it possible?


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  • Everything is possible. My parents still had sex for about a year after their divorce and my partner was having sex with his ex wife for about 7 months.

    • Thanks for MH! I wanted to add that my parents were both so, gel after their divorce, and do was my partner. Granted, some people are okay with cheating, but most people wouldn't be hooking up with their ex's if they are in a committed relationship.


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  • What? This makes no sense to me. Do you have any logical reason to believe that he would be sleeping with her? Going to her house to pick up their son is not a logical reason to think that he is cheating on you. If that's the only time he sees her, how could he sleep with her? Obviously, he's there to get his son. I think you are overreacting and reading too much into this situation.

  • It is possible but I want to know if maybe you think this because other things make you not trust him

    • she's constantly calls him even when their son is not with him. Always asking for rides. So I find it weird.