Anyone think about being engaged?

I've been thinking about it a lot and I think its because to me he feels like the right guy. Does anyone want it but doesn't want to ask? I think for sure it would be best for me to wait to be asked for a few reasons. First, him and I both prefer tradition and he is the one who makes the money so I figure when the time is financially right, he will make the move. We've talked about marriage and kids so its not just all in my head haha


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  • Most of the time the woman has pretty much already let the man know she expects him to ask. Like walking through the store, and just wanting to look at all the pretty engagement rings for no real reason. My point is we normally know you want to get married before we ask. So even if you don't ask, it is still normal to drop hints that you are ready.


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  • Of course wait... you want to see him come off that horse, sit on his knees, open the box with the ring...
    Just look silently for the castle where it will alle happen. I'll keep it silent :-)


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  • It's better than wanting to be engaged But you're still single. I think for the most part though, women go into a relationship and want marriage and engagement after some time; you wouldn't want to be with a person you can't at least see yourself dealing with for years and years and years. If you want to wait, that's perfectly fine, but if it gets to be some odd years later and you're wondering what's taking so long, it's all good to ask.