Is there a way to make sure an engagement ring fits?

Is there any way to make sure an engagement ring fits without ruining the surprise? If not is it better to go a little bigger, so she can at least put it on her finger and look at it, before having it resized?


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  • Yes. Can you get one of hers? I asked for my wife's high school ring after I found it fit her. I then traded rings in college with her. She thought it was cute. Glad plan B was get her mom to give me one or steal one when I had the chance. Jewelry store can help. Average girl is a 7 plus or minus. But, get it as close to right. Big ups/downs or jeweled bands mess it up bad. They may even let u borrow a sizer. Get creative you can pull it off.

    My wife was amazed that it was custom made perfectly sized and a surprise...


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  • Steal a ring of hers and take it to the shop. If that's not an option, always size up.

    7 is average, if she is of average frame it's a safe bet.

    • So what would you think if you caught your man stealing one of your rings? Would you look the other way hoping he needed it for size reference, or would you throw him out like a thief?

    • She would probably figure it out.

  • I think its always better to go with your girl. First of all make sure how she feels about getting engaged. I went to see rings with my fiance together so he knew the style i like and size. Later on he got one and proposed to me on a beach :) was still a surprise and wonderful

  • No unless you know what size she wears. I would go with a little bigger because every girl wants to put it on right away! I wasn't able to wear mine right away when I got it because they only had standard size... I was okay with that and all but it went down hill when my mom (who of course is a standard size) put on my ring before I ever got to do so! MY OWN MOTHER did that! I was pissed!! Actually I'm pissed now just thinking about it and its been almost two years ago!


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