How would YOU "pop" the question?

I used to think blonds were dumb. I'm starting to realize only now that guys are worst.

There is a guy here in Las Vegas that brought a $20,000 ring for his sweetheart. He decided to propose to her in a unique way.

He put the ring in a HELIUM BALLOON!

Wanting her to pop the balloon and find the ring, he figured it would be a cool way to "pop" the question to her.

Walking outside with the ring in the balloon, and the string in his hand, there is a sudden gust of wind, and the balloon takes off. He chases it for a land time in his car, sadly its too late and drifts away.

His girl is pissed and wants a ring about that price or better to take him back.

I would have put it in a regular balloon and placed a lot of balloons in a room for her to pop and find it.

What a sucker! How would you propose, and if you have, what did you do? (something smart I hope)


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  • OK, so mental note: when placing valuable or irreplaceable items inside an object that can float away always remember to carry a pellet gun or get really good with a blow gun and carry one of those.

    No but seriously how is anything but the particulars different from the thousands of other stories of proposals gone wrong.

    As for me, haven't popped the question yet but I will definitely be thinking everything through especially if I come up with an idea that involves placing the ring in anything other than the box it came in.


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  • i would take her to a very nice place (no names, but very nice). and I will wear my french cuff link shirt with no cuff links. while were sitting there I will take off my jacket and tell her to hand me my cuff links, but when she opens up the box she will c the ring. and I will have our waitress in on it. and everything.

  • I wouldn't - would just forge her name on a marriage license for town hall

  • I would send her to the mall on a scavenger hunt. Should wake up and get a note that said for her to meet me at the mall. I would send her to the store with a florest and arrange for her to pick up flowers with a note, telling her where to go next.

    Then I would send her to candy shop, to arrainge something similar, and pick up another note that sent her to the photogropher, and arrainge for her picture to be taken, by one of the old school camera's where the photogropher is hidden, and I would have the real photogropher instruct her to pick up and open a wrapped box next to where she was sitting, and when she opened it and saw the ring, I would take a picture, hidding behing the black cloth that hangs off of the old school camera's, then come out and ask her to marry me, so the moment if forever remembered.


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  • Oh no! That sucks for him (and her! ), but that's actually pretty funny.

    Of course I am not a guy so I won't be proposing to anyone, but I've always wanted to be proposed to at a St. Louis Cardinals game. I have always been a huge cardinals fan and I think that would be so much fun. OR. The Eiffel tower in Paris, but I think a cardinals game is more realistic :)

  • That would suck so bad.. he put so much effort into that balloon and she can just go play in traffic lol...but I would want to be proposed to at a baseball game or on the beach!