Concubine vs Divorce?

Does any married woman out there accept that it is ok for her husband to have a concubine when marital sex has become non existent?

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  • With me, so long as he's honest about it and isn't sneaking behind my back, if our sex because virtually nonexistent but we still loved each other- yes. But it'd then be mutual, as in I could have one too. If my current bf suggested it after only 1 year of being together- I'd be insulted. But let's say when we're 40, 50 maybe. If we no longer satisfy each other but have too good of a thing to throw away, then yes. Again, so long as we were honest with each other. I'd feel stabbed int he back if he just went ahead and did it.
    But I don't see it happening to me. I am pretty lose in sex and I'd be willing to do shit to spice sex up- threesomes, public fucking, acting out fantasies. So it's only if he stopped being a dom and wanted to be submitten then yeaaaaaaahhh noooo...


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  • I don't believe in monogamy anyway so you have my blessing lol

    But may I ask how old your wife is? It says that you're 18-24 but I guess that's not true.
    And no, women's sexual peak in general is actually later in life, so your wife getting older has nothing to do with it ;) Honestly I think she really loves you but more as a friend and is used to having you in her life which makes divorce VERY difficult.
    You need to give more info. But there's a golden rule: would you want her to get a male concubine? If no, than you need to start working this out! Because she will when you do get a female concubine, believe me!

  • Maybe find out why your sex life has gone south first and try to solve it if the relationship is otherwise good, before doing anything else. There could be a few reasons.

  • I don't believe marital sex should ever become nonexistent. The Bible says that husbands & wives shouldn't deny each other sex because they are in control of their partner's needs. If they deny their spouse sex, their partner could be tempted to commit adultery.

  • i don't think it's ok... but then again... i sometimes daydream about my future husband building me my own petit trianon so i can keep my lovers there

  • Maybe if she doesn't care about you anymore, in which case I'd recommend divorce

    • Hmmm.. the thing is she says she still loves me to bits an won't divorce me, but she doesn't enjoy sex.. not sex with me but sex 'per se'... its very frustrating for me!

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    • Age I think.. we've been together a looong time, an for woman the sexual urges wear off pretty quick, for men like me tho it never wears off.. I need it an she don't.. a quandary?

    • I think you're making it yourself a bit too easy there. It's probably something about your relationship that changed

  • No, I would prefer divorce... am not married by the way

  • No dude. "For better or for worse." That was the deal.


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