How many people believe in this saying? read description?

This is what people say about marriage: you can't eat one chocolate bar for the rest of your life.
any opinions? or ideas please comment thanks

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  • its kinda true
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  • its not true
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  • what if its the best bar in the world?
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  • eat multiple chocolate bars ;)
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  • I only have one thing to say to this question. I have been married for 20 years and things are great. i don't think it will change and I still enjoy sex with my wife every time.

    • how i want to be a good bf but all i do is go on to the next girl after im done with the other one

    • Your seriously neglecting your duties there Sir =) I miss having sex =(

      To the Asker --- I would say you just haven't found the right girl that is able to hold your interest yet. Trust me my husband had his fair share of women before I met him. However I am the one that has kept him for the last 20+ yrs.

      When your ready and you find the right girl it will happen.

    • thanks

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  • It's possible. I know several couples that are testament to that. I think they call it... love... O_O lol

    • lol not a big believer but i wish it was real

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    • Haha thanks. Either way, even if you don't believe in love, I feel there are enough couples out there to show that it is possible. Even if it is more rare than not staying monogamous.

    • i wanna message u but i can't

  • Not true and it can be the best bar in the world. I believe in being faithful to partner, and if i get married I do not want divorce unless due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Nah. I've seen it happen.

  • It's just a selection, a human who "even when s/he married want other chocolates", s/he shouldn't get married

  • It's not true because no one will stay young & beautiful forever. So, even if you could have multiple partners when you are young, these options will dwindle as you age, & you will be stuck with no one. It's better to secure yourself a spouse, so you will always have someone to be with.

  • Its true you can't eat one chocolate bar forever. But you can fuck one person for your whole life.

    People are not chocolate bars


What Guys Said 4

  • definetely that's why i don't wanna marry. it'd be boring to be with one person for ever :-P

  • dammit saw this poll on the side i answered yes but i just want to point out that if that chocolate bar is your favorite chocolate bar then the answer is no, because who knows, maybe you'll find another chocolate bar out of curiosity but it will never pair with the latter.

  • If that was the case then why are there so many successful marriages? Of course its not true

  • and u dont always eat choclates sometimes you got to eat vegetables

    • is that a gay joke?

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    • lateral thinking!! LOL

    • hahaha