There are only 65 employed unmarried men for every 100 unmarried women?

Ladies are you good enough to land a husband with a job hahah?



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  • Lmao, that's hilarious. And that's not even *good* jobs. That's stupid security guard jobs or store clerk jobs.

    Though cue Hillarly Clinton talking about the recession, "Women and children hardest hit!"


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  • God knows I don't want to get married despite what the loser internet mras keep trying to tell me. I honestly don't.

    • That is good. Marriage is not good idea for anyone. Or even relationships really

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  • Ladies think they "deserve" a good guy. But the reality is they need to do their fair share to earn his loyalty as well. Dating post 25 turns in a sad direction and starts becoming about college degrees, job titles, and so on. This just shows how it's not about love and care and all the other generic things you read about girls claiming to want.

  • Apparently 35 out of 100 men are getting mail order brides. Sorry women, you've been outsourced.

    • Priceless lol.

    • I hate to say this, but with women becoming so proud and self righteous, they are frequently not deserving of landing a good, hard working man. Not deserving, as in they will not, and do not appreciate him.

    • @thetundrawolf plus the fact that these women think they deserve a good man shows that they don't feel they need to do anything to earn his loyalty as well.

  • it's a buyer's market, guy. head on out and 'test drive' a few models. no need to buy any just yet.

  • I don't know what statistics they used but there are 4 types of unemployment. One of them being seasonal, which if you ever think of it there are a lot of seasonal jobs.

  • Yet women get men to compete for them.

    The world is so backwards it's not even funny.

    • With college graduation rates, it's also going to be skewed... you know how women hold degrees in high importance. What's the current projection? 1/3 women will either have to be single or marry a man with less education?

      I think we might see a push for legalized polygamy.

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    • I read the linked article and read (pretty far into) the comments, a few commenter's threw out some interesting stats and made a couple good points, the most notable of which being that as women become more educated and empowered they also become more picky in their choice of a mate, which leads to lower marriage rates.

      Will have to do some research and confirm the analysis, it makes sense on the surface.

    • Yea well it's easy to see that women would do that. The typical woman does not wish to marry a guy who earns less then she does. So the more she earns, the less people she is going to allow herself to choose from.

  • Are the women employed?

  • Don't believe any statistic you read. That likely is including 95 year old widows. While excluding retired men.