What kind of girl do you want to marry?

Like what qualities would you want her to have?


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  • I feel obligated to answer since the only other peson who has is a girl who just recommends not murdering people in their sleep (but says nothing about killing them while they are awake).

    As for your question, I think it can be silly to have a list that just limits you but I'll try to think of the most important qualities now.

    1. Seems obvious but she'd have to love me. A marriage with an average girl, in terms of looks, who loves you will be a hell of a lot happier than one with a model who doesn't give a damn about you. She'd have to really want the marriage to be long and happy and would have to truly want to be my wife. (We all deserve love and respect from our partners.)

    2. Smart. If I have a wife, I'm going to talk with her about important issues and I would want good advice. Plus, she can call me on my bull***t, which is always nice.

    3. Kind. I would want my wife to want to support me emotionally (as I would her) so she would have to want to cheer me up when I'm sad for example or be happy if I succeed. Also, if we have kids, I would want her to truly care for them.

    4. Attractive. Had to put this in ;). It's subjective and if all guys agreed on what's sexy and what isn't, we wouldn't talk about it so much, but I would need to be physically attracted to her (and vice versa).

    If I was married to a woman with the above and if I treated her right (I would, I'm not that stupid) I'd have all I could ever want. Everything else would just be details we'd work out together :)

    • I don't think it's silly to have a list. We all have our requirements for a partner

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    • I wasn't wondering at all about physical preferences, even though we all have them. I'm talking about everything other than physical. For example, one of my requirements is that the guy has a good work ethic

    • Fair enough then. Sense of humour, cheerful, caring, confident, appreciative. Would have to be willing to put effort into the marriage (as I should) and fight for it if it's ever in trouble. Far too many people just give up on a marriage. I'd love it if she was direct and honest about what she wanted so I could give it to/get it for her. Essentially a 'Best Friend with Benefits'.


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  • I just want a pretty girl, she doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous, that cares about me and is supportive of me, and doesn't judge me. I also want her to just have me and me have her, no sleeping around on either side. Also she needs to accept (doesnt have to like) my music for who i am, and not hate on me for it. And she needs to be an honest girl, and not be afraid to discuss things with me, but at the same time not be rude about it. Tell me like it is without being rude, can be a bit brash but not cutting me down. If she doesn't like something im doing she needs to tell me, i dont want her to be afraid to tell me something.

  • Genuine, nice smile, we take each other as we are.
    She should not be perfect, I'm far from perfect either. Just a nice person that I feel a click with.

  • A Christian girl with great honor and Christian values

  • As long as she is good breading stock i don't mind


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  • If you don't kill people in their sleep it's a good start