Do you think having past relationship experience (s) is important when settling for marriage?

Self-explanatory. Is it relevant or not?

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  • honestly, i wish it wasn't the case, but for me, yes. i wouldn't say 'important' tho. id say influential. if i didn't have past experiences, id have no idea what i really wanted in a man. there have been situations which have proven me wrong and I'm glad to have been terribly mistaken.

    youz a deep thinker bruh. love that xP

    • So deep, sometimes I'm sinking. You can check out my profile for other deep thoughts lol. I still need to compile them from various conversations I've had.

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    • I always intrigue myself don't worry xD, when I look back on my poetry, I always Always end up improving it. Removing lines, adding lines, changing words, changing entire verses. Its like a never ending book that is life.

    • indeed sir, indeed

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  • Not necessarily.. my first bf was an actual mature relationship that lasted 5 years, and we lived together as a couple for 3,5 years. So it's possible to have a mature succesful relationship without previous experience. It's all about your level of maturity and what you desire oit of a relationship.. and you're own level of respect for your partner.

    We broke up because of a big age difference (we grew apart, but still loved each other though.. our relationship was a smooth ride)

  • Nope , at least not to me.


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