Is it okay for a 22-yr-old woman to marry a 25-yr-old man?

What potential risks do you see in this?
•friends for 1 year
•dated for 2 years
•now considering marriage

Both of them are fairly mature and both studying uni degrees part-time and working part-time.

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  • I'm 20 and my fiancé is 23. It's all about maturity, compromise, and knowing how to resolve conflicts in healthy ways. If they can do that, they can survive marriage.

    • Congratulations :)
      Ok, thank you

    • I do suggest having the wedding once done like we are. We've heard nothing but negative things about trying to start school again after marriage. We actuall marrying the week after we officially get our degrees. Thanks for the well wishes, same to you.

    • Thanks for most helpful.


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What Guys Said 9

  • The fact you have to state you are mature, means you're probably not mature enough to know what you want. Be brutally honest with yourself. Besides, why do you HAVE to get married. Can't you just wait 5 years, and if you're still together, then tie the knot.

    You still have many, many years ahead of you. I never understand why people want to commit so early in their lives.

    • Ok, thank you :)

    • One more thing. Just to add some detail to my perspective. I'm waiting till my 30's to get married. So I can get a nice career going, get settled, really get know who I am as a person and what it is I'm looking for in a wife. These all take time. I don't only do it for me, I'll do it for my future children. I was a first born, and my parents were just a bit younger than you were. They didn't go to college though, and were fairly poor, but not enough for me to know. Then Bush came into office, and my family lost a lot. My parents fought, then split. It wasn't an easy childhood.

      I don't want that for my family. I want to be sure that their safety and futures are secured, as sure as I can be. I want to spend time with them, not be off working to make a name for my self in my career field. I feel that's important.

    • Thank you for explaining your point of view, it's much easier for me to take now :)

  • I would wait a bit. Finish uni. Get decent full time work. An awful analogy: don't plant a baby tree in loose sand. Find firm fertile ground.

  • If a fine age for marriage, disregard those who say you are too young, you are not too young you are both adults.

  • you're too young guys

  • My wife and I met at 19 (both), dated at 20, had the marriage ceremony at 25

  • if y'all are ready, sure!

  • Dating two years? If they still love each other and it's been that long, they could handle marriage. Of course, that's after they both find stable jobs and finish uni. So do that and see what happens.

  • If you guys really think ur ready and want to then go on ahead if you truly love each other it would be the best thing ever.

    • Thank you :)

    • No problem. I see nothing wrong at getting married at that age

  • Why do people want to get married so young? It's not a race. No wonder divorces are so common in the U. S. Wait till both of you guys are done with school and have full time jobs that pays well

    • It's going to take years to finish our uni degrees. We are both paid well for the work we do.

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    • Not safe, unless one of you is only making around 10k if one of you guys were to lose your job things would get rough, and money is the number one reason for relationships to fail even though every one thinks their relationship is different. Just wait lol

    • Thank you, it's certainly a good point that finances are often a cause of conflict in marriage.

What Girls Said 3

  • I don't see why not. You guys are both of age and adults. But I would advise you to just make sure it's what you want. Marriage is a huge commitment and should not be taken lightly. Are you ready to get married this young? If so, then go on ahead, but if not, then maybe you should reconsider and wait a while.

  • i think this is alright, altho i personally would give it one more year.

  • I personally would wait until you are finished with school before getting married.

    • Ok, thanks, I do understand that point of view