How would you like to be proposed too, women?

Realistically now, I want some ideas but nothing super expensive, I can do about $400 or $500 dollars for that night

I can't beleive this is the best you women can come up with. I have reservations at a really nice hotel, of course before that be are going to a really nice restarant and i will have flower areangments to be put on the table and around the table.


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  • Every girl is different and you know your girlfriend best.

    I'm personally strongly against public proposals. My dream proposal would actually just be him waking me up to the smell of coffee and breakfast in bed and getting down in one knee in his pajamas ^_^
    Or, him tying a note around our dog's neck asking me to marry him and when I'm like "wtf he's so stupid that's the worst proposal ever he sucks" I turn around and he's right behind me (he snuck up and surprised me) already one knee waiting to give me a proper proposal.

    I like simple ideas though and I'm a homebody so anything at home and cute and shows he cares would be enough for me. You just have to think about your girlfriend's personality though and what she likes and dislikes. What makes a good proposal isn't about how much money you spend or what you do in my opinion it's about how well you know your girl and showing her how much you love her in the way she'd prefer


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  • I suppose it depends on the girl. Is she simple and low key or extravagant?

    Personally I'd like it in a private/semi private location, either on a walk in the park or a secluded table in a restaurant. Nothing too fancy. Maybe take her to the place where you had your first date? I always thought that would be a cute idea... but then I had my first date in this little dive of a pizza parlor lol

  • ok well it depends on the person. For me i would hate to be in public and have a bunch of people watching. Like when people propose during huge football games, i would hate that. You need it to be special though. Like something to remind you and her of when your first met, or first date, or first kiss, etc.

  • I don't need something extravagant, but I would like something personal. A picnic or movie in the place we first met would be perfect.

  • I want my ring in sizzling fajitas from chili's. Just make sure it cools off.

  • You don't even need to spend that much. How about you do a picnic at night at a beautiful look out and set up some romantic jazz. DO some slow dancing and then get down on one knee and propose

  • I sometimes worry they'll propose in public but, a surprise but I am not ready to be engaged to them yet but if I was ready in a restaurant and they put it in bread or they take me on vacation and propose on a beach and the sand says marry me lol!

    • Yea sorry but I'm not putting a $5000 dollar ring in bread

    • geez 5,000 for a ring I still can't believe those blessed rings are but I suppose if they are for our special ladies we can hand over the dough.

  • Personally I'd prefer you keep that cash and put it towards the honeymoon :)

    • By the time the honey moon comes that won't be a problem. It's not like we are getting marries the next day

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