How do you deal with a cheating spouse? Are you the cheater? What if children are involved? How do you begin to pick up the pieces of your life?

If you were on vacation and you found out your husband/ wife was talking to their ex about how they use to screw would you consider it cheating?


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  • Well I have a kid with my girlfriend and I don't cheat neither have I ever looked elsewhere or talked to any ex's about stuff like that. Anyways we have a kid together as well and I wouldn't consider that cheating but I would lose a lot of trust towards her and I would tell her I found out and explain that she's on a thin line but since because I already have trust issues with her because of some lies I was told I would likely end up leaving her anyways as I wouldn't be able to trust her and I don't consider it cheating but to talk to a ex about how you use to have sex it's just something you don't do out of respect towards your spouse and I'd lose all respect and a lot of trust and I would leave her and I'd tell her I am going to fight for rights to have the kid around me as much as possible of course I still want him to see his mom but if things are going to workout it's better to be separated than together and have no love and instead being able to raise your kid right while they're with you at least and it happens a lot.


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  • No, but I would lose trust in her.


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