How can I propose to my girlfriend?

this isn't my account, it's my daughter's account i am using it. so what does a girl like? my girlfriend is one of the girls who care about nature a lot and she is a feminist. not the aggressive type, but the type that would fight for equality.
i am 45 and she's 43. i would like to point out that she loves reading and writing, and she's working on a novel right now.
how can i propose to her? do you have any ideas of a romantic yet simple ways to propose? she doesn't like too much attention

i proposed to her while we did a hike. she said yes! thanks for anybody who helped me


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  • If she doesn't like too much attention, and she likes nature, and you want to keep it simple , just take her to a scenic place where you can both admire the view, even take a picnic along , and propose to her right there,

    • it seems like a nice idea. my girlfriend loves to take hikes and i don't maybe i can do hiking with her and propose to her there

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    • i guess i will do it.

    • Thanks for MHO good luck with your proposal


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  • Feel confident enough to create your own free account on a website, then worry about proposing.

  • Why would you want to propose to a feminist?

    • she's not bigoted. she's one of those feminists that believe in equality. she doesn't think that hitting a woman should be forbidden because she thinks there are women who might be stronger than men so the social rules of hitting a woman is wrong should turn into hitting anybody is wrong.

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    • well i don't know much about this to be honest... she does know better than me in those stuff. i don't know if she calls herself a feminist or anything. the most thing i loves about her is how she is real and not really steryotype girl. and she thinks the whole 'shopping' or 'activities' are different from individual to other. for example some guys like shopping some don't some girls ike video games some don't. it depends on the person itself. this is why i love her

    • All those things you mentioned about her are great qualities. I hope you propose and I hope she says yes. Good luck.

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  • Take her into the park and propose but decorate it with lights, candles and roses. Or you could send her on a scavenger hunt of all dates

    • will this be romantic?

    • You can definitely make it romantic. The perfect proposal would be like a vacation to the Caribbean on a beach with her family waiting

    • this is a good idea too