Opinions about marriage and kids?

I personally think marriage is seriously overrated. There are people who either believe marriage is the one and only answer to all their problems or believe that getting married is the only way to truly be happy in life. All I can do is yawn and say that's not my cup of tea.

Now as for kids and this is going to sound harsh, but I hate them. For me they are nothing, but a pain. I really honestly can not stand being around kids. Oh sure babies are cute and all, but still no. Don't want them and never will. I don't want to be raising someone for 18 years. So I prefer to be as far away from them as I can.

How does everyone else feel?


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  • I do believe in the institution of marriage. To me, marriage represents a more committed association with each other than just dating or relationship. It also adds an extra layer of security to the relationship. Of course, people do get divorced, but divorces don't happen as often as breakups.

    As for kids, I simply ADORE them! I have a way with kids, and they often stop crying or throwing tantrums when I interact with them! If I ever get an opportunity to become a father one day, I know that I'll be the best dad for my kids!

    • My mom used to make me babysit my brothers and the kids of her friends so they all could go out. Fuck I hated it. People told me I'd make a great dad, but all I thought was fuck that.

    • Oops! I often volunteer to babysit, because I just love spending time with kids!

    • Me too. I like this answer.


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  • I'm the complete opposite of you on both accounts. I'm getting married in two weeks and I love kids so much that I decided to become a teacher.

    • Yeah a teacher would be the worst possible job for me. I probably either quite or just kill myself on the first day after an hour.

    • Wow you really hate kids that much huh. I really only like well behaved kids but I seem to be pretty good at taming the mega brats.

    • I really don't which is why it best they stay away from me.

  • I hate kids too ! High five


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  • Well technically, if you don't have kids, then your genetic material will cease to exist in the world forever, and your code will be completely gone and erased. Any semblance of your current existence will end at the time of your death. And marriage is just commitment to someone you really like being with and vice versa.

  • I agree with you on both counts, 100%