Why do women want to marry?

I'm asking because I think that it's better to just stay together with the man you love, instead of sighing a contract that in modern days is unfortunately very discriminatory towards husbands because of how they stand to loose more in divorce.


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  • you can sign a prenuptial agreement if you want to keep your stuff if the marriage goes bad.
    Three different perspectives for marriage.
    Females: the ring, the ceremony, reassurance and happiness of beginning a family, some times its just fulfilling some childhood dream. and soooo many more.
    Males: Life partner/best friend
    Legal: Recognition of your matrimony by state and federal agencies for any purposes in which legal documents may be required.
    I may be wrong, or maybe too simple. But out of those 3, I believe guys are the ones that care for it the least as you can see. Women, have been dreaming about it since their first cinderella video. Legal, doesn't give a hoot either way lol.
    As for divorce, well thats a whole other conversation.

    • Just going to throw out a caveat: prenups can, and sometimes do (surprisingly often), get discarded by the court. A judge is under no obligation to honor the prenup, especially if it has unusual language of any kind. So be sensible about prenups, they are not a bulletproof divorce vest.

    • @ScruffyNerfHerder that is true. Its usually because of some loophole that was missed in the agreement. Or because someone did something that was highly illegal or violent or etc... to the other. then the judge can chuck it. so its good to get a Good divorce lawyer to draw one up, and a good one to enforce it too.
      @Asker thanks for the vote.. that was quick lol


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  • Well although I'm not married, I have the desire to because it feels like an establishment of trust and allows the family and society to recognize and acknowledge those marrying. Also, I will probably want to share his last name because it personalizes the relationship more somehow. Marriage is less temporary too. Although, I'd rather have the person I love by my side regardless of marriage or not, but eventually, it'll happen but it won't mean much has changed really.

  • Honestly, I can't really put my finger on it. But it's just more commitment than just living together, which is nice to have when you buy a house together or have children

    You're right it IS a contract that comes with certain privileges. If anything happens, being married makes it much easier. Without marriage, you are legally two stranger that are in no relation to each other.

  • Apart from my religious views, it gives me security and a lifetime with the man who is my soulmate

  • Coz if you can't make a forever promise, its not worth loving!

    • @itsme_good samaritan , but only 20% of women can make that "forever promise" and actually stick to it, despite all good intentions.
      Here's why, and during the last 40+ years, I've found it to be fairly accurate.

      So what do we do with the other 80% of women who will make that promise, think they deserve it, but can never keep that promise?

    • Sorry, I spelled your name wrong, @itsme_goodsamaritan.

    • Good article! @Tractorbeam I think the only way to keep the fire alive between a couple is to be focused on what the other wants. Mostly seeking pleasure for oneself is what destroys the bond.

  • not all women's think or love to be with a guy for there rest of there life, but some think it's better to have one partner for the rest of there life then have 100 partner in one night so yeah it's insecure and secure thing.

  • What do you think?

  • I agree with you

  • Because I love him of course and I think that it's a romantic way to celebrate our love. And no, I don't do it because of money or whatever you talk about. When I graduate I'll have a higher salary than my guy, and either way we're not going to have shared economy. Everything in this world isn't about money


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  • im assuming because some people think its the ultimate dedication to love?

    • true dat... or at least it used to be. thats why i keep telling these girls that there ain't no such thing as the one anymore lol. if divorce kicks in what happens then? no dating or remarrying? b. s.
      it could be the ultimate dedication to love but not just to one person anymore.

    • @Tdieseler yeah d00d that makes sense. times are changing... for the worst lol in my opinion