Husband look at pictures of naked women?

I have explained how this makes me feel and I have begged him to stop doing it. I've been open minded and told him that he can tell me why he does it and I promised not to get angry. He just shuts down and says he doesn't know why he does it. He has made endless promises to stop and he is not the sort of man to break a promise. It is tearing me apart. He is now angry because every time I see the pictures on the computer I confront him and he is angry that I don't trust him enough not to look at the history! I found the first 2 lots of pictures by accident trying to get back to a webpage I had used and since then I have checked the history. I hate myself for it. Last week he was angrier than ever and I finally promised to stop checking. Last night I was trying to do research for a meeting and needed to get back to a webpage I had used and yet again there are more pictures. I kept my promise and didn't go further back in the history and I am now waiting for him to come home from work to confront him about it again! What can I do to make him realize that he's breaking me every time he looks at them?

This question is irrelevant now because my husband has left me...apparently he hasn't been in love with me for a while. So I say to all those people who blamed my insecurities and told me to get help...what a load of rubbish! I knew there was more to it
and I have been proved right! This was never about getting attention from people I don't know this was a genuine question in a bid to see things from the other side and quite frankly I'm sickened by most of the newest answers. Thanks to everyone who took
the time to reply. For the record I never wanted to control my husband, I just wanted him to keep the promises he made to stop just like he expected me to keep my promises! I pity those who feel a life led with broken promises and naked women on your
computer screen is yourselves a favor and take into consideration the feelings of the people around you!


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  • Ok he looks at porn because he's a dude...It doesn't change the way he feels about you at all. Guys will always be attracted to other girls and girls will always be attracted to other guys regardless of what state of relationship their in. Its just human nature. I'm pretty shore that you found yourself attracted to/ flirting with other guys. I know that it's not at the same level as what he's doing but I hope you understand my point.

    I understand you feelings about it and I give you props for keeping your promise to him. However as long as he has a penis I highly doubt he will stop looking at those images. Like I said before it doesn't mean he's lost his feelings for you it just means his a guy.

    The only solution I can is have a don't ask don't tell policy between you to. This way he feels less guilty and you don't get as hurt. Get your own computer, have him get himself a laptop or ask him to erase the history when he's done. I know its not much but at lest its some common ground.

    If it has turned in to a full blown addiction or it's starting to effect your sex life then I recommend that both of you get in to couples counseling and he gets some help. Hope this is helpful

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      Looking at porn because he's a dude is an excuse when he's on a course and away from home for weeks at a time. I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is the fact that I go all out for him and try to mke him happy and I have broken down and told him in so many ways what he's doing to me and yet he doesn't seem to care. I've asked if he's addicted and he laughed at me. Now because I have a valid excuse for actually finding them he's ignoring the whole thing and pretending it isn't happening

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      If its that bad then seek couples counseling...cus it seems like he is addicted. Get him some help.

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      Its not the same because flirting with people is real and interpersonal whilest porn is purely imaginative/media.