This may be a tricky question, but could a wife finding out her husband has ADHD after many years of being married affect the marriage - or +?

This isn't about myself, but...

Would it be a negative effect towards the marriage because she'd start noticing odd points about him, or would it just make their bond stronger because she'd take care of him more, etc?


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  • If he has had it all along and is now being diagnosed with it then they have already been dealing with it. With that sad nothing changes in my opinion.


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  • It wouldn't be different at all. Her husband would still be the same person. I mean now that he is diagnosed he can get medicated and maybe things might be less stressful for him so that could improve that marriage a bit I suppose. My dad was married to his last wife and while married he got diagnosed with ADHD and they were fine (they divorced for other reasons like she was an alcoholic and he didn't want my brother and I subjected to that) so ya... My brother has ADHD and honestly I thank god for the pills because whenever he forgets to take them he becomes so nasty and mean and annoying.

  • He's still the same person so it shouldn't really change anything unless she started to look at him differently because of it. It's just that his condition went undiagnosed until now.

  • Obviously not because if this guy has had ADHD all along and they are just confirming it now, nothing really has changed. He is still the same, and the wife and him have dealt with it for years all ready, why would it be any different now?