How long did you wait until you proposed after getting the ring?

Men, after getting your girlfriend the ring how long did you wait until you popped the question?

If you waited a significant amount of time, why did you wait that long?


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  • I know that my husband had the ring for 3 - 4 months before he proposed. Knowing him, he was just waiting for the perfect moment.

    • Did you know he got the ring? or was it all a surprise?

    • I didn't know he had the ring for that long until afterwards. But we did have conversations about marriage. My brother knew about it and managed to keep his mouth shut.

    • Thanks for mh.


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  • hmm.. some guys carry around a ring for years right? well I know Andy did hahaa. umm.. well let say if I was so sure im going to propose to her because I want to spend the rest of my life with her then I would buy a ring like 2-3 weeks prior to the proposal. all the time in between would be planning and arranging.

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  • That weekend or the next unless I was planning a super special moment not just a nice place or area that wasn't available. Even then a few weeks tops.
    I'd be too nervous waiting.


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