I like someone who is going to have an arranged marriage.

so there's this guy who I like for almost 2 years now, he's indian and I just found out the other night that he's going to have an arranged marriage. The relationship we have is kind of weird, were not friends but we talk sometimes on msn or Facebook. So this all started from grade 11 business class, I use to see him staring at me constantly and I always wondered why he would. Then I started noticing him and then I had a little crush on him. so I told him through e-mail that I liked him but he didn't believe me then he told me that he had a girlfriend. But even after he told me that, he would still stare at me in the hallways when I walked by, or in class or sometimes when I walk by him, he'll act like he doesn't see me until I look back to look at him, I see him looking back at me at the same time. I started asking people he knows if he had a girlfriend and they said no. So I thought it was just the easy way out of telling me that he doesn't like me. In March 2009, I started to get over him because I didn't see the point anymore. But then when prom came around, I noticed that he kept on staring at me for the whole night, even when I was dancing with other guys. Then finally I was by myself and I was standing near him and I felt him coming closer and closer to me and all of a sudden he grabbed me by the waist and we started dancing. While we were dancing, he folded his hand into mine. He also asked me to slow dance with him and while we were slow dancing; he kept rubbing my lower back and butt. From that night, I honestly thought he liked me back because I was the only girl he danced with that night and there were so many other girls he could have danced with, and plus I said that I wanted to at least dance with him at prom because I would never see him again. so 2 days later my friend and him were talking on Facebook and me and him dancing came up in the conversation and he told me friend that he didn't want to give me the wrong intentions so I left him an offline message saying that he didn't give me the wrong intentions and that I danced with other guys and that he wasn't the one who made my night(which was obviously a lie). so I felt bad about the message so then the next day at school I told him how I truly felt and he was smiling for the whole time. I thought everything would end from there but in mid summer, he sent me a "poke" and a message on Facebook saying "what's up?".After that, we haven't spoken to each other. so now that I know that he's going to have an arranged marriage, how do I get over him? and do you think he at least felt something from what I just wrote? sorry it's so long, just had to get that out


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  • He probably thought you were attractive but I wouldn't ascribe any feelins beyond lust to his side of the equation. I don't think he really cares about you very much so I don't think what you wrote will matter. The only thing that will really help is time and dating other dudes. And re-writing the narrative in your head. It wasn't a romantic chain of events, he was lusting after you and danced and groped you one night, end of story. That's the way to view things if you want to get over this easier.


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  • First thing the best thing to do is let it all out. Don't want to keep something like that bottle up until it explodes second: here is a site where you can try to help you get over him but trutly you will never get over him. I still love my first love even though it was 11 years now since we last spoke. Now he is married and has a kid, as do i. but here is some tips