My bf doesn't ever want to get married, should I tell him I am OK with this or stay silent?

My bf was burnt years ago and is against marriage which I am perfectly fine with. I want to eventually live together though, which he has expressed an interest in including buying a house.
I think he if afraid that I want marriage, he throws hints that he doesn't want to.
My question is, since I am fine with not marrying him, do I tell him I am fine with that but want to move in eventually together?
Or just stay silent when he makes his comments.
Guys which would you prefer?


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  • Yes. Tell him. Marriage isn't for everyone. However just because you two don't get married doesn't mean you can't live in a house together and cohabitate. Talk to him about it. Let him know you're ok with not getting married but would still like to spend your life with him.


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  • Yes tell him. Most guys automatically assume all women want to get married. He'll never know and never be totally comfortable with you without knowing.

  • you two need to have a conversation about both of your expectations for the course of the relationship. I would definitely mention to him that you don't necessarily need to get married

  • I wish i had someone like you in my life..


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