Why do people who can afford it wear suits instead of tuxedo's at weddings?

I think that's a lower standard of dress... it's a WEDDING. You're supposed to have only one... might as well dress for the part. It annoys me when guys wear suits. It's the same crap you wear to work every day of your life. It cheapens it.


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  • Man your to wound over trivial things?


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  • People can wear whatever they want at their weddings. There is no specific dress code especially if they're not following traditions from their culture. My husband wore a suit with a tie and nobody cared.

  • LOTS of men don't own tuxedos. LOTS of men don't even own a full suit. LOTS of men don't wear suits to work, or anything like a suit.

    If it bothers you so much, crash every wedding from now on with tuxedos for everyone!

    • I said if money is not an object... there are plenty of cases like that.

    • Not really.

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  • I know people that wear jeans and a nice button up for their wedding. It's THEIR day, not yours. They can wear whatever they'd like.

    • There is a new invention called a razor. You should check it out.

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    • Haha yea. It always happens when you give an opinion they're not happy with

    • A friend of mine wore a short sleeve untucked and slacks at his wedding.

      He was barefoot on a beach in Hawaii.

      I doubt he cared about the lack of a tux.

      ... Because it's fucking Hawaii.

  • It's highly dependent upon the time of day. Tuxedos are evening wear. If the wedding is during the day, then suits are appropriate and can continue to be worn as the event extends into the evening.

    Plus today, black tie has simply become less important in the culture at large, particularly in the low and middle-class. Most men don't own evening wear, so it's also financially burdensome to ask of it from guests.

    Dressing well is great, but it's honestly of secondary importance.

  • Why does it matter when it is their day and not yours. Not all guys want to wear a tuxe do just like not all women want to wear a white wedding dress.

  • Uh maybe because they don't want to be regular like everyone else. We can dress different from others to be ourselves , you can wear a tux if you want too but others might not want too

  • I think you're caring too much...

  • I have a Tux and have used it about 40 times. But I dont think I would wear it to a wedding unless I had a part in the wedding.

  • Most people don't wear suits to work...