Is my co-worker flirting?

Okay so I been working at my job for about 3 two months and its been great so far. I get along really well with all my co-workers, however, I been noticing that one of my coworkers likes to tease me, we bicker for any little thing…is all in good fun, but also he’s been flirting with me, he has a girlfriend, which to my understanding they been in a long time relationship and don’t see each other often. I’m actually dating, and maybe I’m just reading this into much, but, I really don’t want to misinterpret things, Okay so here are some examples if I’m making copies or working on something on the computer he will call me by my name just to distract me and he smiles or he would just ask a simple question just to get my attention, if I return a document or something else he would manage to get closer to me, he steps into my personal space things like that. In addition, on one occasion I was writing a proposal and was on a timeline, I was just really focus on my work and it was time to leave home but I hadn’t finish the proposal so I stayed for like an hour or so at the office. It seem that everyone had left except him and I, I thought he was going to leave as soon as the clock hit 6pm, he then came to my office and asked me what I was doing I told him and since I wanted to finished I said “Well, have a nice weekend, see you Monday” he then told me “would you like me to help you?” with a bug smile on his face. I said it was fine didn’t want to keep him from doing what he needed to do, he said that it wasn’t a problem that he was happy to help me and that helping me was better than doing other stuff. I just do know what to do…he does many other things he waits for me went we get out from the office, walks me to my car, we have talked more about our own personal lives; I feel that I have a developed a nice friendship with him and don’t want to ruined that. My gut tells me that he’s just flirting, what can I do?


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  • he's flirting, maybe wanting more. I think there's an interest on his part there. guys can be flirtatious, and friendly but no guy,unless he liked the girl..would go out of his way to wait, and help. that just screams interest. but then again, you have to wonder what type of person he is if he's acting like that and he has a girlfriend. he may be a good friend but if he's going out of his way to do that with you, how would he act if you returned his attentions and you guys started dating? not saying you want that but just my perspective