Disrespectful spouses... Bad example for our kids?

My husband had been increasingly disrespectful to me especially in front of our 8 year old but he doesn't care of the affect this will have I him. I been trying to find solutions to my husband since we have other deep problems but my husband is smug, arrogant and in his words "doesn't care". I own the home we live in and I pay the bills so telling him to leave is like talking to the wall. And he knows I can't simply abandon the house. He laughs about how he's not going anywhere or he'll tell me to make him, very childish. I'm so stuck!


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  • If you have family have them come help you move him out. I'm not a fan of this but get a restraining order and have him removed. It sounds like it will only get worse.


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  • A restraining order will put him out faster than you think. But you didn't say you wanted rid of him per say. This bad attitude you said he has indeed will be picked up on by your son , as being normal and ok to treat others this way ; because he sees his dad doing it to you all the time so he will see it as normal behavior.

  • Sad to see you're still having issues in your marriage.

    The problem is, for any issues in a partnership, it takes TWO people actively working on the problem, to solve it.

    He seems to be consistently resistant towards helping the marriage. I think it's time to file for divorce. If you're the only one on the lease for the house, talk to your local police department. They can probably find a way to remove him.

  • Is that also his biologic child?


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  • If you want him to leave do an eviction. 30 days notice with the shariff in tow. Or just wait for him to leave call Lowe's and change the door locks. Leave his stuff out on the porch.

  • Small children see their parents as role models, not only by their advices but also by their actions. You said you already talked to him about it but he doesn't care. Did you try making a adult conversation about it?

    • Oh yes, I'm much more mature and civilized

    • I mean talking about the problem without insulting him.. If he's not willing to find a solution, then you should divorce

    • Honestly, Yeah, kinda. He refuses to fix what's "not broken"

  • He's an addict.

    You need to dump him so he can work on himself.

    You won't thiufh as you are a conduct and kinda like him being in a needy state