Do you think my boyfriend is about to propose to me?

So me and boyfriend have been together April, but we have talked since Feb. Here lately he has started to ask me questions about how I would feel about living with him. He also keeps asking me if I'm sure I'm happy with him. He knows I'm happy with him, I tell him all the time! Well the other day he invited me to a Halloween party when I told him I didn't know if I could make because of not having a sitter for my kids. His friends got involved and said I had to be there and that they were gonna help me find a sitter. They have never done this before! So it just came to my mind that maybe he's about to propose to me or something. Let me what you think.


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  • I do not know! If you seriously think this is a possibility and you would not want to accept a proposal, then I recommend taking some action! It would be horrible if he did propose in front of a lot of people and you refused him. Even if you do plan on accepting, think in advance about how you will respond. When we're surprised, we can say unfortunate things!

    If you don't want to accept, I would pick a friend of his who you get along with and who is not a drama-loving kind of guy or a gossip and ask him straight. Tell him you really need to know so that you won't hurt this guy. It would be really bad if he asked you in public and you said no!

    If you do want to accept, make sure you pick an outfit that makes you look fabulous and invite your friends too!


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  • He might be doing just that but I wouldn't get your hopes up. At seven months I would think it’s still to early for marriage, most people would agree, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I doubt he is proposing but I’m only basing that judgment off of a generalization idea of how men think.

    MY opinion, not yours.


    • The only reason I think he could possibly be proposing is one night me and my ex got into it bad! (we are divorced) and my boyfriend sent me a txt sayin he thought I would a very caring and loving wife and every since he said that he had been acting this way. I'm not getting my hopes up just curious if I was looking to far into it..

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  • that seems like a bit of a jump to conclusion. What makes you go straight to proposal? Its only been like 6 months, right? What makes you say that?