How long to grieve?

I met a girl online through EH and we spent 2 out of 3 weekends together even tho we live 3 hours apart. After she visited me we made plans to go camping the following weekend. Four days before we were leaving her 31 year old cousin died of leukemia. They were very close and cousin even left her a diamond necklace and her engagement ring instead of leaving to her own sisters or brothers. She called me twice while home for funeral. I sent her flowers her first day back to work and she called me that night to talk and thank me for them. I asked her about getting together again and she said she needed time to get back to being herself after this. She also said "you know how you have people you turn to in tough times like friends, co workers, etc and I said yes. Then she said she didn't mean to sound rude but "we aren't there yet". Do you think she's being legit or blowing me off? She's texted me 3 times since last Wed but no calls. Can I call soon or is ball in her court since she asked for time/space?


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  • well you should have texted back . It's legit she really does need time, and I think since you verily met she doesn't rtust like she would a close freind so she doesn't need you there for her she rather have other people that can make her feel comfotable and safe. while she's going through this. give her time text her back though so you guys keep communication open.

  • wait a week do little texts. then call her and say your just checking making sure she's doing ok. she doesn't need to open up but you really care and want to know.


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