Is he planning to ask me?

OK so me and my boyfriend have been dating since June..but we came together like we were meant to be..we are very much in love we haven't dated long but sometimes you just know.. he is the best guy I've been with and I have never been treated so well..well here is the thing..he was telling me what he was getting me for Christmas well not really telling but giving me hints because he knows I get anxious and he likes teasing me.. he mentioned a ring and I was thinking engagement.. I didn't let him know that and he asked me the next night what I would say if he ever asked me..and I became impatient and a week later we started talking about marriage and he said he would have to wait a couple of years to really know and to ask me..that completely threw me off and he told his bf's girlfriend that he didn't kno if he would ever be married because he has to really know he wants to be with someone..then he starts talking about a 400 dollar ring he plans to buy me like teasing me..why would a guy buy an expensive ring and look for one for a couple weeks straight just for Christmas if he does not plan on asking anything?

what exactly are the points of promise rings.. I mean why waste that money on a promise ring when you can just buy an engagement ring...? what are promise rings and how are they different from being engaged?
please help ppl


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  • @Your Update: A promise ring says you are very committed to the person, you love them, and hopefully one day you will ask them to get engaged. An engagement ring says you are set to be married.

    The reason usually to give one is you love the person but aren't ready for marriage (for example, your situation).


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  • I certainly hope he doesn't ask you to marry him, you barely even know him!

    Chances are if he gets you a ring it will be either a nice ring or a promise ring, not an engagement ring.


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  • i don't think you should be thinking about marriage so early in the relationship. you can't have possibly gone through enough experiences, good/bad to really know them. I know someone who after a few mths dating got engaged because they just felt that they 'knew' that they were with the one they were supposed to be with and they were divorced within a yr.