My boyfriend is 18 and I will be 19 in December and we have been dating for 16 months and we have been talking about getting engaged in a year or two but I have mixed feelings. I love him and want to marry him right now but I want to be done with school and have a good job and have enough money for the wedding, honeymoon, and a house and everything. Also I don't want to be trying to finish college and plan a wedding but I am tired of being apart so much. What should we do?


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  • Do some research. Adolescent marriages have a statistically low chance of survival. Finish college first and get a job before you get married to someone.


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  • The church isn't going anywhere so I think you both should wait. Why not have a long engagement? The commitment will be there, but you can also attend school and save. I don't think you want to go into a marriage with a lot of debt- from student loans and wedding bills. Monetary factors are a major factor in divorce.

    Good luck in your decision.

    • Yea I think you are right, thanks!