Girl says she doesn't think about marriage, means she's not interested in getting serious?

Let's say, guy keeps pushing his girl with his advances even when she thinks "slow down!". He wants to marry her weeks or months after knowing her, she doesn't want to get serious and tells him to give her more space. She then tells me she doesn't even think about any committment, just likes his love and attention. Does that mean she is not interested in anything more than a fling?

Note it's not me whos dealing with such a case, I just know a few couples like that.


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  • No. Just means she isn't thinking about marriage right now or really does want to take it slow. Especially if they just started dating. You don't really know someone after a couple months.


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  • Considering the relationship is young she makes sense and it has nothing to do with intentions.

  • No, it doesn't necessarily mean that at all.

    • Is it true that girls don't really think about this, they just let their guys take care of the relationships, plans and advances as long as they are treated right? I've heard that women don't really know what they want in relationships. If she feels she doesn't want kids, an alpha male can easily inspire her to want kids, know what I mean?

    • No, not really true at all in my experiences. Perhaps it's just an age thing. Maybe they feel they are too young (or old) to worry about marriage. That's where I'm at. If I'm in a relationship, I don't really care if I re-marry.