For those who are married---> what is your secret to a happy and successful marriage?

And if you don't mind my asking, how long have you been married?


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  • This is something I posted yesterday:

    In about 90% of cases, it will be the wife who turns off all affection. Often she won't have a reason or give one. It won't matter if hubby is a better man than ever. That makes no difference. 52% of first marriages end in divorce or separation.

    Only about 20% of wives will still be showing regular affection at 20 years into a marriage. Women are normally their own worst enemy, and most will turn a marriage to shit. It will cost everyone emotionally and financially, but there's no stopping them. This will explain what's going through her head, so take careful note.

    How can you avoid it?
    * Marrying a bride under 25 could make the odds worse by about 20%. Over 25, there doesn't seem to be much change with age. 25+ is good. The husband's age has little effect, because men are rarely responsible for ruining marriage.
    * If a white man marries a black woman, the chance of divorce or separation reduces by 44%. That's quite significant. Those men are unlikely to better than the men who marry white women, so the cause is most likely in the women.
    * I personally wouldn't marry a woman if she or any of her immediate female blood relatives had ever divorced (aunts, cousins, etc). That would be a red flag. Some things run in the family.

    *The only other clue you could find would be her 2D:4D ratio. That's the ratio of the length of her index finger compared to ring finger. Women with high 2D:4D ratio have longer lasting relationships, are less promiscuous, and typically look more feminine. They have a lower waist /hip ratio, more like 70% than 80%.
    The ratio varies some from race to race, but I'd only accept a woman who was within the top 25% for her race.

    This could help a little, but only if the marriage involves one of the elusive 20% of women. cdn. preterhuman. net/.../...20Love%20with%20You. PDF

    Don't ask the couples who have a happy marriage, and got there by dumb luck.

    • That last link didn't seem to work.
      Try again.

      Sorry to disappoint 80% of the women, but you're just not cut out for marriage or any long term relationship. At least this gives the men a chance of finding a happy marriage, even if they have to cross 80% of women off the list.


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  • Happily married this time... 29/2/08. first one lasted 4 years and she liked her ex b/f's finances better than mine and she turned out to be very secretive etc anyway...
    I believe a successful relationship is built on trust, open honesty, communication and compromise, which I had best explained to me as you're white paint, your partner is red paint and mixed together in a relationship, you're now both pink paint, so you're still mostly what you were before, but you still need to change a bit...
    Relationships need " maintenance" for want of a better word, just like a house or a car.. stop doing maintenance and it'll break down, this means the cuddles, kisses, saying I love you, doing something special for the other person that doesn't involve a sexual nature or expectation... It's not a fairytale..
    Hope this helps..

  • It all start with how the relationship common ground was made.
    If you both agreed to your greater goals, and that you trust the other part to help you to get to those goals; all difficulties on the way (and there will be) will seem meaningless. It all about patience and helping the other (specially when he/she is not doing good) because you know he/she can do better.

    Summery: Have the same exact virtue but be compatible in terms of attitude, the others are pushes and pulls.

  • Working opposite shifts and not up each others butt all the time. Still having space and individuality and not feeling trapped or smothered

  • I'm not married but I think it takes two understanding people

  • i am not married but i tihnk if you don t lve someone when you wake up near him/her you won't be happy. so marry someone that you love


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  • Communication, loyalty, trust, honesty, respect.
    Been married since March 1st (this year, 2015)