My husband won't try anything but a Methodist church?

I've been looking for a church with my husband. I tried going to a Methodist church with him because that's the only kind of church he's been to, and I really didn't like it honestly. The whole service seemed dry to me. I didn't like the way they did praise and worship. It was just old hymns and they played the music on a karaoke machine and I just couldn't get into it like I can with contemporary worship songs. I know some people prefer it like that but it didn't seem like the right church for me. I've asked him to try a baptist church or Assembly of God church (that's what I grew up in) and he won't even give it a try. If he doesn't like it that's fine, but how do I convince him to at least try it?


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  • I don't think you can. He really has to go on his own accord. Honestly, you should be happy he even goes to "a church". I mean, that's the hard part right.


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  • Ask him why? Probe and dig deep into the reasons