Would you marry a muslim girl who has had sex before marriage but has repented to allah swt? And vice versa?

I am asking this as i feel there are akot if double standards in the muslim ummah that need to be adressed

I would love to see all opinions

  • yes, you would marry a non virgin girl if she has repented
    0% (0)43% (3)25% (3)Vote
  • no, you would not marry the girl
    20% (1)29% (2)25% (3)Vote
  • yes, you would marry a non virgin guy if he has repented
    60% (3)14% (1)33% (4)Vote
  • no, you would not marry the non virgin guy
    20% (1)14% (1)17% (2)Vote
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  • YES! and secondly, what she did before i came into my life is really not something that i would concern myself with.

  • Yes I would, but it matters with who and how if she was in love with a guy and they had sex and then something happened and they broke up yes I would marry her, but if she fooled around a lot and had a lot of sex with a lot of guys then HELL NO.


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