Should I make a huge wedding or small one?

My boyfriend and i decided to get married and he said we should make a huge wedding because he have a huge family and friends. but I disagreed with him on that and I think we should make a small wedding just to celebrate with our families and friends. We already have a son he's 7 years old and I'm pregnant in 5 months with our second baby now so what do you think?

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  • it is foolish to spend a lot of money to feed people who will not even remember the wedding after 6 months.
    it is wiser to invest in the future of your kids so that they don't have to live their lives paying off student loans, or so that you are not reliable on anyone after your retirement.
    you might as well go somewhere where you've always wanted to go, instead of feeding.. people


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  • Small. A big one is a nightmare to plan, expensive, and you're just feeding and watering a bunch of distant relatives you don't really know or care about.

  • A huge one if you are Bill Gates. A small if you don't have enough money.

  • I think small one

  • i just proposed to my girlfrend yesterday and we are currently planning the wedding on a budget and we have agreed on a medium sized wedding not to big not to small


What Girls Said 2

  • maybe meet somewhere in the middle...
    make a list of pros and cons for each...
    small one might be less stressful to plan since your pregnant though... might be safer...
    but it's completely up to you.
    bigger is way more stress... more money.. but could be a lot of fun...
    small is simpler, stil stressful of course, but less than a big one... could still be a lot of fun.

  • Big weddings are just a waste of money, in my opinion. You don't actually get to spend any time with your guests when you have 300+ of them.