Do some girls wear a ring on their marriage finger?

even if they aren't married or engaged? lol there's this girl I just met playing volleyball and I find her looking at me quite a bit, we locked eyes a couple of times and whenever she gives me high 5s she kinda like rubs my hand. I never noticed a ring on her finger before until like last week. she was flirting with me throughout the night. she's 25.


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  • yea I've done that. then again you can be attracted to people and still it won't work. So here are some questions. Do you guys hang out or do things that are tied to your attraction? Do you stare at her a lot so she knows you stare? Because then shell look at you even if she doesn't like you.

    • I hardly look at her, I caught her looking at me and I just stared back and she stared for 2-3 seconds then looked away. and as she was walking by my car she looked at me and smiled/laughed and said "are you going to try and run me over" and laughed

    • Hmm. she may just be friendly. talk to her, be her friend, don't rush things too much.


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  • I am left handed and so when I where a ring it tends to be on that finger. If you are interested I would let her know. It could be as simple as starting off with "do you always wear rings when you play volleyball?" to let her know you see the ring on THAT finger.

  • I almost always wear a ring on my left hand ring finger just because I have one that I wear on the right hand too...and I'm not married or in a relationship. Maybe it's not a good idea since it could send the wrong message, but I have had guys ask about it before. Just ask her what it means because it doesn't necessarily mean she's in a relationship.

  • i have done that if I wanted to ward off potential suitors.


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