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My new girlfriend asked me a question? What do I like about her most? I'm coming out of a 20 year marriage. What is it that she wants to hear? I want to be honest and tell her that she is down to earth or (gorgariouc) but what are some other very inventive things that I can tell her that she will relish and even think that they would separate me from the rest of the single men out there? Please I want to be sincere so ladies what do you like to hear?


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  • Anything that makes her feel like she is unique and cannot be replaced. How we just seem to mesh so well and how I feel when I am around you. It is different that what I have felt before. Keyword: "irreplacable" !


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  • Well, I don't know her, so that's not really an easy question to answer. The "How I feel when I'm around you" will only result in a response from her in the terms of "Well.. How DO you feel when you're around me?" Then you're just going to be back on here again asking more questions. Does she make you laugh? Does she have a beautiful smile? Do her eyes light up when she smiles? The best thing to tell her, is that you can't come up with the one thing you like about her most. Tell her she's incredible. Little things like, how her skin is so soft, or how delicate her fingers are, will even do. You don't have to give her a lecture, or write her a novel on all of the things you love about her. Just tell her "Everything.. You're incredible."

  • Be honest. I mean if you lie and just tell her something she wants to hear that will make the situation kind of tough. She'll appreciate your honesty.

  • Be honest, think about it. what do you like about her? what makes you wanna be with her? is it her personality, her smile, the way she looks at you. does she make you feel better once you see her even you had a worst day at work. stuff like that.

    If you tell her she's hot or something like that she'll think you just like her for her body. the more you express your feelings the better. Good luck!


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