For my 25+ crowd?

25 years old here.

i saw a baby commercial and started cried. i kind of scared myself with that. i never cried because of something so dumb before in my life. before that, i felt anxiety when my friend got married because i felt like i was behind. i couldn't picture myself married with kids. when i saw the commercial i felt like my stomach had a ton of bricks in it, and i got this strong desire to be pregnant.

is this normal? please tell me it happens to everyone at some point but they don't say it because they're afraid of looking like a weirdo?

i feel like my biological suddenly woke the f up and put me in panic mode. why is this even important? i just want to work, watch netflix, and chill.


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  • I feel the same way. Most of my friends are already settled down with kids. One of my friends is on her 4th kid already and she's only 25!

    Sometimes I worry that it will never happen for me. I always thought I would be one of the first because I have wanted to settle down for the longest time. Even when all my friends were out partying, I was more interested in staying in and hanging out with my boyfriend or with a friend instead of partying and sleeping around.

    Now I am with someone and am hoping that this relationship leads to marriage. I really do love my boyfriend and want to have a family with him. But you just don't know in life.

    I do sometimes worry that he will leave me and I'll have to start over again. And I know the dating pool is drying up at my age even. I find most guys are already taken and in serious relationships, if not already married. Sometimes I worry that something is wrong with me, even though I know I am a great person.

    I think what you are feeling is completely normal. It's hard to watch friends get married and have kids, while you are sitting there waiting for your turn to come around and it's taking forever!


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  • Yup you just felt your biological clock kick in... lol it happens, totally normal.

  • You are stressed. And some day you're going to be a grreat mother and parent.


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  • I think everyone has one of those omg will I ever moments when their friends get married or have a baby. SUPER annoying right? So I think it's totally normal to think about it and wonder. Especially if it's around certain points in your cycle :/

    But, like anything else, you have to sit down and ask "Is this logical? Is it reasonable for me? Have I done everything I want to? Am I where I want to be?" And that will help get your brain back on track with the rest of you. If you just want to chill with netflix, then do it! Don't worry about everyone else in relation to you. Just worry about you in relation to you :)

    • i mean... i make good money at a respectable job where i get paid for my brain. i think that's pretty neat. life is good when it comes to things i can control... my career, my money, material things. but i suck in the relationship department. it has never really bugged me because i always thought i just didn't meet the right guy, but that feeling made me want to just settle for anyone and have a baby with him. i wanted to have a nice little wedding and start a family asap and i was feeling like "DANG I'M 25! MY MOM HAD 2 KIDS BY THIS TIME. MY OLDER SISTER WAS MARRIED BY THIS AGE AND NOW SHE'S HAVING A BABY! WHAT AM I DOING? FOREVER ALONE!"

      I don't know... maybe it was my hormones. maybe i'm getting old. i don't know. i just want to know if i'm not alone on this feeling.

    • Have you heard of the idea of a quarter life crisis? It's like a midlife crisis except sooner XD You start looking at what you have and have accomplished and weigh it against what everyone else has done. Sounds a little familiar right? If there's a name for you it, you def aren't alone :)

      I think you have an AWESOME life and I am *very* jealous! But also super happy for you because what an awesome and amazing point to be at as an individual! It's your life so work toward things at your pace :)

  • Maybe it's that time of the month...

  • lots of girls have this feeling right around the time they get their period
    some girl in my class before blurted out that she wanted to get pregnant. it was really random.

    • LOL... maybe it is my hormones. my period is in 2 weeks. i just never felt like this before.

    • Ovulation strikes again?

  • Is not just you lol I think it's our hormones or something because I am way more sensitive now (27) than 5 years ago...