How soon is TOO soon?

Well, I've been with this great amazing guy now for 2years this coming Feb. He is the greatest boyfriend ever, he's been there when no one else was, and he helped me get over a BIG problem I had. Well now he's talking about getting married after we grad from high school this coming May. Well I do want to marry him around next fall, but everyone keeps telling me that its too soon, and everything. Were moving in together this June.

So are they right is this too soon? Should we wait, until after college?

I do love him and want to marry him. But I don't know what to do.


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  • Well, it is fast. But then my wife and I know we would be married when we first met. It was a true case of 'love at first sight". But we were older than 18. Your ages aren't helping. The feelings are there, but you can't trust feelings. With your inexperience, you could get into a heap of trouble after the "honeymoon" period is over.

    If there's sex involved the picture is much more complex. That alone would indicate that your feelings are taking over. You both need to have clear heads for a decision of this magnitude.

    I wish you both the best,



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  • If you both actually love each other; you can resist yourself to a few meetings. This would b totally crazy to get married in this age. Its gonna look a bit weird now. Yes the are correct; its too soon.

    First complete ur college and get both urselves a gud job. Then think o marriage, sex etc..

    Its gonna b real fun later.

    gud luck .. tc..

    add me as ur fren..


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  • I am going to just share some things with you that I have learned. As you get older, you will change in may different ways. When you go to college, you will be in a new environment and meet so many people, it's sick. You have a lot of living yet to do so I wouldn't rush it. Enjoy being young! I am not saying you shouldn't get married either, I just think that if it's meant to be then waiting won't hurt. Because, I can assure you that he church will still be there and I doubt it's going anywhere.

    Good luck!

  • There is no reason to rush into marriage. If you love him and he loves you then he shouldn't be going anywhere. Finish college, get your degrees, get some stability on your own and experience the world a bit more... when you are both all settled then by all means go for it. I've seen so many people marry too young and end up regretting it in the end. The fact that you are even asking here means you have some doubts. Let me tell you, college is a great experience and an experience that you will only get once. Have fun, be young... make friends, go out... love your boyfriend like he's going out of style, but slow down a little. You guys have your whole lives ahead of you. :)

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