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Does sex = relationship potential = marriage potential to girls?

I had a married woman tell me (when she was single) that she wouldn't sleep with a guy unless she could see a relationship come from it and that a... Show More

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  • Nope. I mean, I wouldn't have sex with a guy I'm not serious about, but at the same time, serious for me doesn't mean getting married eventually. I would say in general we want meaningful relationships, whether it ends in marriage or not. But that could also depend on age I guess, since being 19, I'm really not thinking of marriage at the moment, but someone in their late 20s for example could be looking for a potential marriage partner.

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  • Not always. In fact, a lot of times, no. Most of what I hear from girls now is that they're looking for a good time.

    I have sex with my boyfriend but I don't consider him marriage material. But then again, I don't want to get married.

    • Interesting, thank you

  • That's how it is for me. I see no point in being serious with someone sexually unless I see potential for being serious with them long term.

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