How long would you like your honeymoon to last?

I think 3 days to a week is enough. We still have a job to maintain here. Besides our honeymoon should last a lifetime without the days actually being titled "honeymoon". We're gonna make love and venture the states until it bores us to death (do us part).

How long would you like your honeymoon to last?

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  • One Week
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  • One Month
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Like 3 nights because that junk is expensive

    • Thank You! Finally someone who agrees that 3 nights to a week is good enough!!

    • I mean like over a week is a to much for price and you have probably seen a lot and did a lot by then, and a month is just nuts, like are you trying to go bankrupt?

    • I feel that the honeymoon should be a romantic adventure. After like a week its not even a vacation anymore. Its like you've moved to that destination if you stay there for a month or two. I think 3 days away from family and work and secluded enough. The honeymoon can always continue when back home ya know

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What Girls Said 2

  • If its abroad then one week but if its not abroad a couple of days would be fine

  • A broad and a month


What Guys Said 2

  • Me and my wife's lasted an entire week.

  • A whole month

    • You can afford venturing paradise and taking off work for a whole month? Lucky you