Girls, how can I reignite the flame in my marriage?

Ok, so my wife and I have been together for almost 10 uears. We have only been married for 3 of them. In the last 2 years, sex has become less and less often. To the point where it is less than once a month now. I have talked with her about it, but to no avail, I am certain she is not cheating, but I am also vertain she doesn't want me either. Is there anything I can do to reignite the flame.


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  • 1. Spend quality time AWAY from each other.
    2. Work out, eat healthy, get a new hair cut, etc... basically anything to make you look as good as when you were first dating.
    3. Stop doing gross things in front of each other. Farting and burping... even though natural bodily functions might be funny... but they also kill the romance.
    4. Take regular date nights where you dress up sexy and do something out of the house.
    5. Cook together.
    6. Are you spending enough time on foreplay? Remember, sex with women begins in the morning by getting their minds geared up. For example, sending dirty texts throughout the day to prepare her and get her mind in the mood.
    7. Ask her what her favorite positions are or try some new ones.
    8. Recreate your first date.
    9. That being said... are you treating he the same as when you were dating or have you gotten a little comfortable in trying now that you're married?
    10. Watch a sexy movie together.

    Are there any stressors that you could help her eliminate? Is she tired because she has too much on her plate? Are you making her feel sexy? Are her hormones in balance? (After I went on and came off birth control, it all but killed my libido and interest in sex.)


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  • try doing things you know she likes, even if its not sexual stuff. just stuff to make her feel good and happy and special.
    try looking into things she might like sexually and bring them up, see if she sounds interested.

  • Take a mini vacation. She may not be into sex if she is stressed. The vacation will help.

  • Go to it has a lot of good advice.

  • My advice is to pursue her just like you did in the beginning of your relationship. Take her on dates, compliment her, hold her tenderly, just make her feel wanted and special. I'd be surprised if a woman didn't respond to that.

    If it continues, try couples counseling. Sometimes the advice of a professional is exactly what you need.